馾eveloping game ◆industry in China●, Beijing Ne◆ws reported.The opt◆ional course〓 General Theory of E◆lectronic Games, wh●ich is open to◆ all students, wa〓s designed to acco●mmodate 120 stu●dents but attr●acted about 200 for ○the first tw○o lessons."The 〓course doe◆s not teach ■students how to play■ electronic g●ames, but to stud●y issues relat■ed to electroni

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c ga●mes, inclu●ding resea●rch and dev●elopment, ○technology, the ind■ustry, publicity○, and players' ps●ychological● problems,〓" said Chen● Jiang, th〓e course instructo●r and deput


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y pro○fessor of the School■ of Electronic Eng■ineering & Com●puter Science.Chen〓 wants the c〓ourse content t〓o have variety.Apa■rt from his ow〓n lectures, h●e invited guests to■ t


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alk to st◆udents, including● a team with firstha○nd experience ◆in developing ga○mes, an alumn○a who crea●ted her own ga●me, and a psy●chology te◆acher who could disc●uss the social a

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n◆d psychologi●cal problems cause●d by games.Some st〓udents even h○ave the op◆portunity to〓 attend elec◆tronic spor●ts competition◆s for close observ○ation.Accord●ing to the 201■7 C

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hina Game Industr■y Development Repor■t, the annual r●evenue for the indus●try has reached 2◆19 billion yuan 〓($34.6 billion), cat■ching up with● the US, the w■orld leader tha■t year a

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t $36 bill○ion.Though the indus○try is a great co●ntributor to GDP ●and employ■ment, playing electr◆onic games is s〓till seen by many ○as an inappropria●te pastime〓, especially fo○r s

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tudents.The co○urse is not meant ●to challenge tr■aditional thinkin■g, said Chen. "I li●ke playing g●ames, but ◆I deeply unde◆rstand the pr○oblems that ga■mes have caused."C●hen predicted ◆many stude〓nts will be invo●lved into the gam●e industry eith●er through ○

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le〓 of all ages have pl〓ayed electronic■ games and the◆ de

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